PRC whines over Musk satellites while PRC caused chaos for ISS.

Poor glass hearted PRC is crying for they had to change course of their space station twice due of Elon Musks 1600 satellites, all which has a predictable course. PRC do not shed any tears over the 2800 known derbies of the satellite they blew up with a missile, those unpredictable pieces of debris has caused ISS to have to move multiple times and many times in panic.

The real reason why PRC is whining is that Elon Musk would give free internet access to people in mainland China too and then the citizens in the PRC occupied China would know the truth about the thugs leading CCP, which would lead to the end of CCP. It’s time that CCP to realize that they will not be able to stay in power much longer, the harsh measures they are employing against the Chinese will turn against them.

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