Why did Ambassador Gui Congyou leave Sweden so hastily?

The communist Chinese ambassador Gui Congou resigned quite hastily and left for Beijing without any explanation. According to some sources within the communist Chinese forging department, the Swedish prime-minister had sent an email to the ambassador telling that if he continued to threat Swedish journalists, Sweden would revoke the recognition of PRC and request that all further communication would go through Taipei.

The sources have requested to be anonymous to avoid punishment or/and death as CCP is too touchy about Taiwan nowadays.

Is there a country named Peoples Republic of China?

Traditionally the requirements for an independent state is that it have control of it’s own territory, it have a permanent population within it’s territory, it have a working government and have the capacity to enter into relations with other states. From this point both Republic of China (RoC) and Peoples Republic of China (PRC) are independent states.

There been a change to this ruling in modern time and it’s that a new country formed as sub-set of an existing state needs to have the mother states blessing and here is the problem for PRC, they never have had the blessing of RoC to form a new state, as there ain’t any peace treaty between RoC and PRC.
This leads to that PRC isn’t a state of it’s own, but a state within RoC that do not follow the constitution of the RoC. Even if a member of UN, PRC do those not technically exists and is just a territory lead by a terrorist organisation (CCP) much like Daesh (ISIS).

So there is just one China and it’s the Republic of China, most commonly called Taiwan.

Flag of the Republic of China

CCP/PRC thinks it’s the Talibans

The communist party has gone out and said, “The situation in Afghanistan suddenly saw a radical change after the country was abandoned by the US. And Washington just left despite the worsening situation in Kabul. Is this some kind of omen of Taiwan’s future fate?”. So at last CCP/PRC thinks they are an terror organisation that is prepared to take to violence to enforce the minorities will on the majority and also prepared to make terrorist attacks and lastly start war and commit war crimes to get their will.

With the fall of the democratically elected government in Afghanistan, we seen that CCP has looked for tighter ties with the Talibans and most likely we will see an influx of CCP money into the Taliban terror organisation and surveillance systems to keep track of the population in the cities so they don’t break any so called Sharia laws (some human thinking they knew what God meant, as the Prophet had come back with a message they didn’t understand).

Hongkongers flees in numbers from communist oppression

During the last year almost 100000 Hongkongers fled from Hong Kong to safer countries, this during the period when traveling to other countries has been limited due of the Covid-19 epidemic originating from the communistic mainland China’s military virological research center in Wuhan.

The current number of people living in Hong Kong is 1.2% less than the year before which means the current population is 7394700 living in the colony.

Source: Hong Kong Free Press

CCP don’t have the Heavenly mandate to rule China

The Chinese hero Da Yu who with his engineering skills managed to control the flooding of the Yellow River and founded the Xia dynasty showed that the one who controls the Yellow River also has the Heavenly mandate to rule China.

We seen numerous failed projects that the CCP has tried to gain the Heavenly mandate to rule China and the flooding of Zhengzhou where people died in metro wagons while the government claimed everyone was saved, this shows party leader Jinping Xi do not have the Heavenly mandate to rule China.

We have earlier seen how CCP has failed to rule their colonies like Altishahr, Hong Kong, and Macau. Letting the heart land of China to flood just proves that the CCP ain’t capable of ruling China and the Heavenly mandate is in the hands of President Tsai Ing-wen. May the Gods smile on the Republic of China and send the leaders of China’s Communist Party to Hell.