Could SARS‑CoV‑2 be made by the Chinese government?

There seems to be some evidence that points toward that patient 0 was a scientist working at the Wuhan virus laboratory which got a top military expert in bio-warfare as it’s CEO and now the Communist China refuse to let anyone to examination if the lab could be the origin of the virus. Already during the WHO visit to Wuhan there was problems to get key information about the SARS-CoV-2 and the spread of COVID-19 in the Wuhan region.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) was slow to react and did make an effort to quiet down the rapid spread of COVID-19 in three cities together with over 20 million inhabitants. It’s difficult to know if it was that they hoped it would just disappear by itself or they wanted to see how fast it spread, no matter which is true, over 40.000 died in Wuhan (this based on over mortality and the number of urns transported to Wuhan). The spread in the smaller cities seems to have been even worse, so we may have closer to 100.000 dead in the two first months.

As Communist China didn’t close the area until it was too late, many tourists from the Wuhan region managed to visit Europe and bring COVID-19 to Italy in December 2019 (there indication it may been earlier). After this we know the story.

So why refuse an further investigation into the Government owned and run laboratory in Wuhan, just for one reason, there is something to hide like man made variation of SARS-CoV related viruses or that the spread of SARS-CoV-2 started a lot earlier and the lab was trying to weaponize it in a war against the Republic of China/Taiwan.

No matter what the reason for the three scientists to get COVID-19, Communist China should be made responsible for the spread and those responsible for the economical cost that they have caused.

Conflict in Middle East

Once more the eternal conflict in the Middle East has blossomed and causing innocent deaths on both sides of the conflict and this for there are two parties that refuses to work towards peace, both of them have the same agenda to gain support by war against the other.


Both Likud ans Hamas are just playing with innocent lives to just hope they will gain new supporters while the spread hate. The international community should take actions against both organisations and see to that they are completely crippled, both militarily and politically, until a such time when both of these organisations are removed from power, there is no hope for a solution.

A two state solution may not be the solution in the long run, as holy places will be located in the other sides territory and properties may be owned by someone who hasn’t access to use it, so a Federation of Israel and Palestine more sensible. An united defense force, which roles is only to protect against forging threats, an joint police agency like FBI, a basic national law that applies to all member states, which disqualification religious parties and keeps educational systems both religiously and politically neutral, also the health care system would be handled by the Federal government and an independent Federal court which stand above the state courts, so that disputes between the states can be solved and to which people who feels been ethnically discriminated by a state can apply when they can’t go the normal legal system to resolve a legal dispute.
The Federal presidency should be a rotation between the two elected leaders of the states and the President should just have ceremonial powers.
In all other matters the two states should be quite independent from each other.

Sure there will be hard work to get a working Federation up and running, but in the long run people will be able to live where they want and the religious differences will mean less and the genetic siblings can live as one people instead of two.

Finland’s COVID-19 vaccination best among the Nordic countries

As seen in the graph Finland has vaccinated 20% of it’s population with Estonia close by with 19% and then a we see Greenland with 9% in the bottom, who don’t get the same amount of vaccines as the rest of Denmark (could be related with the shorter life span of the Eskimos), surprisingly Sweden is the next last one with less than 15% (Sweden tend to claim to have a well working healthcare and planing, but the pandemic has shown major flaws in Sweden’s capability to plan ahead and that healthcare system is crumbling of the pressure).

Telia network been attacked by PRC for a couple of years

The blue line is out going traffic and the dark orange is the incoming traffic

For those who has Telia as their ISP, there is a huge problem with incoming traffic, as shown in the screenshot above, while the home network is idle.
Around 1.1MB/s of incoming packages that hasn’t been requested, around 80% of the traffic seems to originate from mainland China, much of port scans and connections tries to typical microsoft windows services.
The bad thing is that Telia do not do anything about it and the default routers they provide are of old type and do not manage this kind of constant traffic that well which causes a slow network for their customers.

If you compare with Bahnhof, one of the best ISP’s, the incoming traffic has been filtered from DDoS like attacks from PRC, which gives you as a customer a lot more responsive network.

If you are in the looks for a new ISP and thinking of Telia, you should maybe pick one of the others.

Hong Kong post Covid?

The communists in Hong Kong are in the move of setting up new laws that will limit peoples freedom and consular help. The interesting question is what will happen after the Covid restrictions are lifted or will Hong Kong keep on having Covid restrictions to stop mass-scale protests?

Hong Kong has now abandon dual citizenship, those who have BN(O) passports will be denied British consular help and those breaking the agreement between UK and PRC, this will also apply for all other dual citizens too, so no help is allowed from your home country.

Hong Kong has also forbidden BBC World to be broadcast in Hong Kong as they have reported what has happen in Sinkiang (North Western China) and as it’s a national secret that PRC is raping female Muslim prisoners, so spreading the news about it breaks the national security law.

The Hong Kong government can ban people from leaving Hong Kong without court order, this to prevent people to get to safety and ensure that they can hold fake trails against Democrats and their supporters.

The question is the day when the Covid restrictions are lifted, what will happen, will we see millions of Hongkongers once again go out on the streets protesting against the local government and will they be just demanding the 5 basic demands or will they now be request full freedom? This can cause big problem for Carrie Lam and the other communists and it can be that they decide to keep the Covid restrictions far longer than any other country, to keep people from showing their dislike to the current masters.

The situation in Hong Kong is getting pretty close to how it was during the Japanese occupation and CCP will be prepared to go far in quieting the Hongkongers and they are the reason why people will be breaking the national security law in this PRC colony that soon will just be a big prison camp.