Jolla Phones will be distributed by Elisa and DNA

Two of the Finnish carriers, Elisa and DNA, will distribute the Jolla phones, as both carriers had good sales with Nokias last successful phone, the N9 according to interviews MTV made. The Jolla phone will be based on MeeGo/Mer, but will have a new UI. As the two Elisa and DNA are so positive to the Jolla phones, there is a big chance that Jolla will be overtake Nokia in Finland already in the first year, as the Nokia Lumia phones don’t sell and people do not want them.

It will be really interesting to see how the new UI will look like and of course what kind of hardware and software we will see in these phones which are released later this year.

Jolla taking over as Finlands major cellphone company?

A number of former Nokia employees has formed the Jolla Ltd, who will carry on with the MeeGo OS which was used on the last successful cellphone from Nokia, the N9. Today the company already have 50 employees and most of them have been working with MeeGo/N9, so they know how to make a successful mobile operating system, but the question is will there be other cellphone companies to prepare to use the Jolla software on their phones or not, as there needs to be enough phones pushed out and sold that you will get applications made for the OS (unless you do as Tizen is said to do and include android support).

We hope that Jolla will be successful and we already know they will outshine Nokia when it comes to cellphone OS.

Nokia and it’s burning platform

It hasn’t gone well for Nokia since Mr Elop became the CEO of Nokia. He was quite fast with his memo about the burning platform, sure Symbian wasn’t the top notch cell phone OS, but it worked quite okey and Nokia had plans on it’s Linux based OS MeeGo which it developed together with Intel. The Elop-effect did kill off a lot of Nokias sales of Symbian based cell phones and pissed NTT Docomo who had a deal around Symbian with Nokia. Then Elop decided to kill off MeeGo and he pissed on China Mobile as they had a deal with Nokia around the MeeGo platform. Imagen to pissing on worlds two largest cell phone carriers, you know who won’t sell your products.

Carriers got quite pissed on microsoft who bought Skype, which been intruding on the carriers profits, quite many carriers decided to not sell WP. Of course the MeeGo phone N9 got a lot better reviews then the Lumia phones, in Germany where they didn’t sell N9, they recommended people to go to Austria and buy N9.

During 2011Q4 and 2012Q1 the N9 outsold the Lumia (regardless version) 3 to 1, and the N9 was never sold in big markets as USA, Germany, UK and many more. Customers don’t ask for WP phones, and many of the other companies knew that and LG even dropped the whole WP line as it was just utterly crap and sales was lousy. Read about the WP flaws.

Nokia has been quite secretly about their sales numbers, specially if you loose around 11 million Euro a day, but Tomi Ahonen has some numbers a predictions, read more about them.

If you are thinking about a Nokia device, I recommend you to wait for the new Tizen phones from Samsung, the new King of cell phones and who have learned from Nokias mistakes, don’t put all your eggs on a burning platform from microsoft.

New site

It’s been a long time since anything happen on KotiAho.Net, and been in the process to move to Aho.HK as the new main domain.

After a long times thinking, I decided to drop the old news instead of converting those from my hastily built blog tool. The only thing I should keep from the old site is the thanks to Poland who as a new EU member was the country who saw the dangers with software patents and stopped it.

It may take some time before everything is as I wish it to be, but I’ll try to fix things when I have time over, and that is usually not much, even my don’t get the time it needs, a blog in Swedish about the issues with the house I rent in at the moment.