How successful has Sweden’s light Covid restrictions been?

Sweden hasn’t really had much of restriction during the Covid-19 pandemic which started in Peoples Republic of China in September 2019 and then was allowed to spread over the whole world with Communist Chinese tourists.

Sweden has been against face masks and recommended social distancing, with elderly care that is outsourced much to private companies while it’s neighbor Finland was fast on isolating regions when the number of cases increased and the elderly care is not as outsourced as in Sweden. Both Finland and Sweden are in many ways quite similar when it comes to health care and laws (sure there are differences too) as they have a long common history as been an Union since 1362, which ended in 1809.

Population vise Finland has half the population as Sweden, just to make Sweden look better, we have doubled the Finnish numbers.













As you see the doubled Finnish numbers do not come near the Swedish numbers, deaths are just 10% and the cases are just 16% of what Sweden has. Also we don’t know how many have recovered in Sweden as they don’t keep such information, this makes it difficult to track the number of those with a seriously long term covid-19.

If we look just at those 70+, In Sweden 89% of the dead are in this age group while in Finland it was just 39%, this simply shows that elderly care that is run for profit do not work. To make it simpler to see the difference here are the numbers (keep in mind that the Finnish numbers has been doubled to make the population to be somewhat the same):





What from the economical point of view?
This far there ain’t much difference between Finland and Sweden economically, both countries has suffered around the same amount, so higher restriction in affected areas and less restriction where the spread is low don’t make too much difference compared to having no restriction at all.

What about mental health?
Finland has noticed a raise of mental health issues, but been able to take care of most of the patients with a bit more severe mental illness.
In Sweden the mental care was in a catastrophic state already before the pandemic and no investigation has been done to see how the mental state is in Sweden, maybe an investigation will be done after the pandemic.

So what should we learn from this?
That face masks, distancing, washing hands, and protecting the elderly together with harder restrictions saves a lot of lives. I hope President Biden will look at this and reform the elderly care and health care, so that insurance companies ain’t stealing the money that should have been spend on care giving.

PRC fires Under Secretary for Constitutional and Mainland Affairs Andy Chan

Shocking news was published by HKFP that Andy Chan would resign due of “health reasons” which been claimed to be high blood pressure while he was already on Chinese New Years holidays.
The condition is well treatable and Andy is in a good condition, so there ain’t anything that would prevent him from function as the Under Secretary of the Constitutional and Mainland Affairs. “Health reasons” is the most common reason for resigning in a “communists” country, when you have opposed the leadership behind closed doors. Had Andy criticized PRC/CCP publicly he would have been treated as a criminal and brought to fake legal trail.

Denmark in top of the Nordic countries vaccination effort

The Nordic countries have been vaccinating people against covid-19 since the end of December and the two best countries are Denmark (4.88%) and Iceland (4.55%) while Norway is last with only 2.32% of the population vaccinated.

Sweden has put up a goal of vaccinating everyone before midsummers eve, but the ineffectiveness of the Swedish healthcare we may be looking at 2022. Finland thinks it may manage to vaccinate the whole population before the end of 2021.

  1. Denmark 4.88%
  2. Iceland 4.55%
  3. Estonia 3.03%
  4. Finland 2.96%
  5. Sweden 2.82%
  6. Norway 2.32%

The handful brave ones

The impeachment process in senate has begun and Rand Paul (Brownshirt) wanted to stop the impeachment by taking a vote if it was constitutional, and most Republicans showed that they are members of the Racist supporting wing of the party, so called brownshirts, there was only 5 Senators who dared to stand for what the Republican party has stand for until 2016.
The heroes were Lisa Murkowski (Alaska), Susan Collins (Maine), Mitt Romney (Utah), Ben Sasse (Nebraska), and Patrick Toomey (Pennsylvania).

Hong Kong and the Chinese Communist Party loyalty oath

All civil servants in Hong Kong has to take a Chinese Communist Party style of loyalty oath and it seems this will be also required of forging teachers at public schools and later on this will be expanded to all teachers in Hong Kong so that they will not be teaching students historical facts and talk about democracy.

This oath taking will also lead to that corruption in Hong Kong will increase to similar levels as in PRC as if you report someone higher up for corruption, this one will simply say you broke the oath and suddenly you are the big criminal, so how many will be then prepared to report corruption when they will be prosecuted for breaking the oath that the CCP will see was the most major crime, most people will just turn the blind eye to the corruption and suddenly Hong Kong will be ruled by extreme wealthy criminals.

Don’t forget that a oath taken under threat (those who don’t take the oath will be fired) is not an oath that you are ethically bound to, so please keep on fighting for freedom for Hong Kong.