The complete dismantling of Hong Kong legal system

Zheng Yanxiong, director of the Office for Safeguarding National Security

When Zheng Yanxiong (member of the criminal organisation called Chinese Communist Party) said that “Hong Kong legal system should reflect China’s will” it meant the end of the Hong Kong legal system which already has been corrupted with the NSL courts that live outside the normal legal system.

Chris Tang (Commissioner of Police) went out recently and called for a law against fake news and at the same time he managed to be quiet about one of the biggest lies in China, that the CCP was founded on the 1st of July, but this happen first on the 23rd of July 1921 in Shanghai where French Police disbanded the first ever CCP meeting.

Both Mr Tang and Mr Yanxiong are showing that Hong Kong is no more, but we live in a city ruled by terror named Xiānggǎng.

The end of Hong Kong press-freedom

Apple Daily HK web page

Today the last printed edition of Apple Daily HK published and also the closure of the web page too. Now there aren’t any government investigating press left in Hong Kong as the HK Government has targeted those who have tried to keep the society open and somewhat equal.

At this date, Mingpao is still operating, trying to be away from politics, so there ain’t anyone to look into the corruption within HK Government and the Mainland Special Regions of China.

The Chinese Government in Taipei condemned the whole political suppression of Hong Kong media under the national security law and by those in power and calling it the “death knell” of Hong Kong’s press and speech freedoms.

Could SARS‑CoV‑2 be made by the Chinese government?

There seems to be some evidence that points toward that patient 0 was a scientist working at the Wuhan virus laboratory which got a top military expert in bio-warfare as it’s CEO and now the Communist China refuse to let anyone to examination if the lab could be the origin of the virus. Already during the WHO visit to Wuhan there was problems to get key information about the SARS-CoV-2 and the spread of COVID-19 in the Wuhan region.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) was slow to react and did make an effort to quiet down the rapid spread of COVID-19 in three cities together with over 20 million inhabitants. It’s difficult to know if it was that they hoped it would just disappear by itself or they wanted to see how fast it spread, no matter which is true, over 40.000 died in Wuhan (this based on over mortality and the number of urns transported to Wuhan). The spread in the smaller cities seems to have been even worse, so we may have closer to 100.000 dead in the two first months.

As Communist China didn’t close the area until it was too late, many tourists from the Wuhan region managed to visit Europe and bring COVID-19 to Italy in December 2019 (there indication it may been earlier). After this we know the story.

So why refuse an further investigation into the Government owned and run laboratory in Wuhan, just for one reason, there is something to hide like man made variation of SARS-CoV related viruses or that the spread of SARS-CoV-2 started a lot earlier and the lab was trying to weaponize it in a war against the Republic of China/Taiwan.

No matter what the reason for the three scientists to get COVID-19, Communist China should be made responsible for the spread and those responsible for the economical cost that they have caused.

Conflict in Middle East

Once more the eternal conflict in the Middle East has blossomed and causing innocent deaths on both sides of the conflict and this for there are two parties that refuses to work towards peace, both of them have the same agenda to gain support by war against the other.


Both Likud ans Hamas are just playing with innocent lives to just hope they will gain new supporters while the spread hate. The international community should take actions against both organisations and see to that they are completely crippled, both militarily and politically, until a such time when both of these organisations are removed from power, there is no hope for a solution.

A two state solution may not be the solution in the long run, as holy places will be located in the other sides territory and properties may be owned by someone who hasn’t access to use it, so a Federation of Israel and Palestine more sensible. An united defense force, which roles is only to protect against forging threats, an joint police agency like FBI, a basic national law that applies to all member states, which disqualification religious parties and keeps educational systems both religiously and politically neutral, also the health care system would be handled by the Federal government and an independent Federal court which stand above the state courts, so that disputes between the states can be solved and to which people who feels been ethnically discriminated by a state can apply when they can’t go the normal legal system to resolve a legal dispute.
The Federal presidency should be a rotation between the two elected leaders of the states and the President should just have ceremonial powers.
In all other matters the two states should be quite independent from each other.

Sure there will be hard work to get a working Federation up and running, but in the long run people will be able to live where they want and the religious differences will mean less and the genetic siblings can live as one people instead of two.

How to be convicted for rioting in Hong Kong?

The Hong Kong court system has changed quite drastically towards the Communist-Chinese court system where you get convicted if you have been prosecuted for a crime you haven’t done.

Judge Ernest Michael Lin Kam-hung convicted three protesters for rioting even if there was no evidence of them taking part of any such activity, at least in Communist-China they present fake evidence, but in Hong Kong this not even needed.

So what is the requirement to be sentenced in Hong Kong for fake crimes, just believe in Democracy and you will have food and shelter at the prison.

Source: The Guardian, SCMP (Communist News Paper)