The “special military operation” in Ukraine

We know that the Kremlin don’t want to say war, as they would then risk of public outcries in Russia and more countries would distance itself even more from the fascists Russia regime.
We can see a world split in 3 ways, one side that supports Ukraine, countries who are depending on Russia trade and support and then the racist authoritarian block, this in a way reminds of second world war and we do have many countries in the same block as during the second world war as USA on the democratic allied side and Russia (during WWII Soviet Union) on the fascists side. Even the Taliban refuse to join the fascists as they know they would be oppressed.

Blue – Ukraine, Purple – Allied countries, Green – Neutral, Orange – Axis, Red – Fascist Russia

As you can see from the world map, the majority of countries are supporting Ukraine in one or another way, while a small portion of countries support Fascists Russia. So what kind of support does Fascist Russia get from it’s axis friends:
– Belarus: Military bases, health care to wounded soldiers, weapons.
– Serbia: Moral support and volunteers.
– Syria: Soldiers
– Iran: Weapon systems
– Eritrea: Moral support
– North Korea: Hacking
– China (PRC): Financial support, hacking, fake news, and weapon system
– Foreign Nazi organisations: Mercenaries/volunteers
– Russian Nazi organisations: Mercenaries

Ukraine get support from the Allied side and can mainly broken down into:
– USA: Intel, weapons, money, and humanitarian aid
– EU: Intel, weapons, money, and humanitarian aid, safe-haven for refugees
– Israel: Intel, money, and humanitarian aid
– Turkey: Drone based weapon systems
– UK: Intel, weapons, money, and humanitarian aid
– Australia: Weapons and humanitarian aid
– Republic of China: Weapons
– IMF: Money
– UN: Moral support and humanitarian aid
– Free world: Volunteers and moral support

It’s quite clear that the axis are just a bunch of evil people who fear democracy where they would be accountable for their evil actions. It’s clear that Putin still live in the 19th century, thinking he can alter the world map with aggressive war on it’s neighbors. This war will see an end to the war lords running Fascist Russian enclaves in different countries like Moldova and Georgia, when those local criminals has been removed from power, those countries can stabilize and the citizens get good lives within EU.

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