The end of Hong Kong press-freedom

Apple Daily HK web page

Today the last printed edition of Apple Daily HK published and also the closure of the web page too. Now there aren’t any government investigating press left in Hong Kong as the HK Government has targeted those who have tried to keep the society open and somewhat equal.

At this date, Mingpao is still operating, trying to be away from politics, so there ain’t anyone to look into the corruption within HK Government and the Mainland Special Regions of China.

The Chinese Government in Taipei condemned the whole political suppression of Hong Kong media under the national security law and by those in power and calling it the “death knell” of Hong Kong’s press and speech freedoms.

Why you can’t trust the Swedish Covid numbers after 1st of November

The Swedish “CDC” (folkhälsomyndigheten) decided that those who has been vaccinated against COVID-19 shouldn’t anymore be tested for COVID-19 infection. This even if during September and October, 34% all infected was vaccinated.
The idea is that those who are vaccinated do not spread COVID-19 and those do not need to test for COVID-19 if they have symptoms and if you want to test you then you have to pay for your own test kit (healthcare will not test you if you are vaccinated).
In reality there will be many spreads that will not be traced and at least 30% of the cases will go undetected, which leads to seem like the COVID-19 situation is a lot better in Sweden than it is. This leads to that you should always consider Sweden as RED and avoid to travel to Sweden, even if the vaccination level will be 72% (at least one shot taken) of the population.

EU and flight tax

More and more EU countries are applying an pollution tax on flight tickets, one of the first ones was Sweden and now the latest one is Belgium. The big issue with the tax is that it is directly attached to the one who buys the ticket, which means a full flight pays in total more tax for the pollution than the same aircraft with just one passenger.

The system has to be redesigned, that it’s the company who handles the flight who would need to pay the tax based on the fuel usage of the plane, so picking a flight that pollutes less (green energy) should be cheaper than one that pollutes more (traditional fuel). This would encourage companies to buy air craft that are more environment friendly than today’s air crafts and it would make passengers to pick more environment friendly flights to their destination.

With the current environment tax on flights, it just hurts the end customer with higher prices without having any way to affect the flight providers choice of air crafts.

The big struggle EU has ahead of itself is to make it better for the end customer (the citizens), this far it’s been about protecting companies towards customers and penalize customers (VAT on tax is one of such things).

Why did Ambassador Gui Congyou leave Sweden so hastily?

The communist Chinese ambassador Gui Congou resigned quite hastily and left for Beijing without any explanation. According to some sources within the communist Chinese forging department, the Swedish prime-minister had sent an email to the ambassador telling that if he continued to threat Swedish journalists, Sweden would revoke the recognition of PRC and request that all further communication would go through Taipei.

The sources have requested to be anonymous to avoid punishment or/and death as CCP is too touchy about Taiwan nowadays.

Is there a country named Peoples Republic of China?

Traditionally the requirements for an independent state is that it have control of it’s own territory, it have a permanent population within it’s territory, it have a working government and have the capacity to enter into relations with other states. From this point both Republic of China (RoC) and Peoples Republic of China (PRC) are independent states.

There been a change to this ruling in modern time and it’s that a new country formed as sub-set of an existing state needs to have the mother states blessing and here is the problem for PRC, they never have had the blessing of RoC to form a new state, as there ain’t any peace treaty between RoC and PRC.
This leads to that PRC isn’t a state of it’s own, but a state within RoC that do not follow the constitution of the RoC. Even if a member of UN, PRC do those not technically exists and is just a territory lead by a terrorist organisation (CCP) much like Daesh (ISIS).

So there is just one China and it’s the Republic of China, most commonly called Taiwan.

Flag of the Republic of China