Why DPR and LPR shouldn’t be part of peace negotiation between Ukraine and Russia

We do hear a lot about Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) and Luhansk People’s Republic (LPR), these so called breakaway states of Ukraine was formed in the aftermath of the Maidan Revolution.
Both so called Peoples Republics was formed in a similar way, Russian citizens not related to Ukraine were part of creating the Peoples Republics. They have declared independence and then was recognized by Kremlin early 2022, with the mistake to already then disclosing the Russian end game, to annex the areas. In both areas Russian passports has been handed out to people since 2014, which clearly indicates that there is no DPR or LPR and those can’t be part of a peace process.

Russia uses “Peoples Republic” as names, as they want it to look like it’s the people of the regions that wanted to leave Ukraine, but we know from history that all “Peoples Peoples rule” (the meaning of Peoples Republic) has been authoritarian systems, just look at East Germany, China, Cuba, and so on.
Both DPR and LPR has been governed by war-lords and there been a number of battles of power within them between different fractions and leadership changes depending on who is Putin’s favorite at the moment.
According to a survey made back in 2021, 60% of the population of the DPR and LPR wanted to be part of Ukraine, which is a bit lower than 92% of those ethnic Russians living in the rest of Ukraine, but still a majority.

We will continue how Russia is targeting mainly innocent civilians, which means more shopping malls will be hit by rush hours and residential buildings from evening to morning when most people are at home, in hope of that Ukraine’s morale will falter, but has the serious counter effect that Ukraine will hate Russia more and more and can strengthen the will to fight back even more.

Ukraine will get more and more long distance weaponry, which will mean they will be able to hit more and more command posts and supply lines and storage facilities, this will lead to a Russian armed force incapable to fight (soldiers ain’t trained to take own initiative so they will just wait for orders and without food, ammunition and fuel not much you can do).

We will not see peace talks in the near future, but we can already see Russia to start loosing in southern Ukraine and if Russia looses in southern Ukraine, then Ukraine will get a moral boost and also the front line for Ukraine would shorten and they can put on a higher pressure on the Russian troops, which could lead to that Russia will loos in the Donbass too. If so happens, Russia will loose even more credibility and it’s claims to be a super power will be laugh at even in Peoples Republic of China.

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