id Software signed a Nokia style agreement with Microsoft?

Many of you may have read that Carmack had told that the Linux was a poor and unprofitable platform and this has been echoed out in a similar way as Nokia has tried to convince customers that the Lumua is a good buy.

What Carmack really said was:

Not nearly as many people are interested in paying for games on the platform.

We know from the the sales of Humble Bundle packages, that the Linux users are paying a lot more per person for the games than what the ms-windows and OS X users does, so if id Software would like to release a game for Linux, there would be enough people paying for it and they would be prepared to pay more for it. Of course there wouldn’t be as many buyers, but most likely would be more profitable than the OS X market.

It seems like Timothee Bessett may have left id Software for Bethesda seems to dislike Linux in the same way as mr Elop at Nokia does, and Carmack hasn’t been able to talk as freely as he used to, most likely due a contract with Microsoft to bring games for their upcoming console (this is just speculations) and support for Linux is one of those things which Microsoft require that their partners should discontinue with.

According to Carmack, most of id Softwares failures has been with AMD and nVidia drivers for the ms-windows platform and it seems like these issues hasn’t been on the Linux side (don’t forget how many times Linux has outperformed ms-windows with the same nVidia driver and the same game, running native on both systems, even times when Linux outperformed ms-windows when running games with wine).

I’ll just thank Josh Walrath for spreading the Microsoft propaganda, for those who wants to read in detail what Carmack said, then read Homer’s blog post at slated.

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