Nokia fakes video and images for low quality Lumia

It seems Nokia has been busy and learned a few new dirty from microsoft, namely to lie to your potential customers and make your product look a lot better than it is, we seen this in the way microsoft has been trashing GNU/Linux with lies.

First it was revealed that the video taken with the Lumia 920 was actually taken with a professional video camera, Nokia was caught in the lie with their paints down as in the caravan window you could see the actual camera man filming.

Next all those “beautiful” photos you are supposed to take with the ordinary 8MP camera (that’s all WP8 can support), those are taken with a professional DSLR camera.

It’s quite sad that we have seen how Nokia has been nursed by microsoft, don’t forget all the articles about Lumia selling well in China, the Chinese Lumia did run on Symbian and the sales wasn’t too great. Nokias market share in China is now on around 1%, this low sales in China has Nokia never had before, this really tells us how good those Lumia phones are, just crap.

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