Why you can’t trust the Swedish Covid numbers after 1st of November

The Swedish “CDC” (folkhälsomyndigheten) decided that those who has been vaccinated against COVID-19 shouldn’t anymore be tested for COVID-19 infection. This even if during September and October, 34% all infected was vaccinated.
The idea is that those who are vaccinated do not spread COVID-19 and those do not need to test for COVID-19 if they have symptoms and if you want to test you then you have to pay for your own test kit (healthcare will not test you if you are vaccinated).
In reality there will be many spreads that will not be traced and at least 30% of the cases will go undetected, which leads to seem like the COVID-19 situation is a lot better in Sweden than it is. This leads to that you should always consider Sweden as RED and avoid to travel to Sweden, even if the vaccination level will be 72% (at least one shot taken) of the population.

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