Ukrainian forces surprised the Russian fascists troops

During the last days we have seen rapid liberation of Ukrainian territory in Kharkiv regions, units at Layman cutting of the train lines that Russia is heavily relaying on and other units has liberated Kupyansk which cuts the railway connection to Izium, this has lead that the Russian Fascists are fleeing from Izium in panic, leaving most of their weapons behind as they have to relay on small roads and forests to have a slight chance to not taken as POW.

In Ukrainian feeds there been references to the leaked attack planes from Russian allies like Lukashenko and Kadyrov who both happily showed up the maps on social media, so they “leaked” this attack plan:

Secret Ukrainian attack plan to liberate Kherson

In Russian fascist media they for the first time acknowledge defeat in Ukraine, but the statement ain’t official from the Ministry of Defense, so Vitaly Ganchev may get a prison sentence for his statement.
At the same time politicians in St Petersbug are requesting that the Russian Fascist dictator Putin would be impeached. A large shift has happen in Karelia and St Petersburg, where many school students has been sent to boarding schools in Finland. Finland has even received young students as far from as Moscow, which may indicate that something is happening in the political top and which can have bloody consequences.

The future will tell us what will happen with the Fascist Russia, will we see a Free Russia with the people in power instead of greedy old men.

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