CopySwede are allowed to enforce extra fee for external HDD and USB memories

Today the criminal organization CopySwede won in the court and is allowed to enforce an extra fee on all external HDD and USB memories up to 80SEK per unit.

They are penalizing the all computer users in Sweden both private and corporate for imagined  losses in sales due to private copies and pirate copies, they completely have missed that those users who do pirate copy music and movies are also those who are the main consumers of legal music and movies.

This will cause the Swedish electronic chains to have even more difficulties (during the last year two chains has gone down) as customers will buy more electronics online and those don’t have to pay the illegal fee that CopySwede has been able to enforce. Those who do store private pirate copies on a device which has been taxed with the CopySwede fee could be seen as a device which content you can’t be charged for as you have already paid a fee to store pirate copies out over your own backups and temp files and EU has said that you can’t be penalized twice for a “crime”.

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