Russians in Finland will arm them self to support fascist-Russian war march

There are a number of at least Russian fascists in Finland who are planing a car caravan on the 8th of May to show their support for fascist-Russia war, rapes, pedophilia, murder, and theft of Ukrainian property.

Less threatening messages spread by the Russian fascists in Finland.

There was talks about bring firearms and use them if they saw anyone counter protest against the Russian fascists.

In pubic the Russian embassy connected translator Daria Skippari-Smirnov she bans people who talk about violence, but privately she just tell the members to delete messages and photos so that there will not be evidence that they are prepared to use violence against people who do not agree with fascists-Russian propaganda.
The members are talking about killing Ukrainians, which shows that the fascists has dehumanized the Ukrainians.

Source: (article in Finnish)

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