How well does the Fascists Russian Artillery work?

Before the 24th of February 2022 most military expert graded the Russian Federations armed forces as one of the best in the world, but when the Fascists forces went into Ukraine in the early hours of 24th of February, the ratings started to fall and it has more or less fallen for all types of forces, the only exception is the Russian artillery, who also commits most of the war crimes in Ukraine.

It’s proven that they have been able to hit their targets quite frequently. the only setbacks are when a large number of civilians are killed, as those times they get bad publicity in the free worlds press.
Then we see how the Fascists in Kremlin change their first press release from having hit the target and “killed soldiers” to “not have done the attack”, there is no reprimand against the artillery or rocket crew for targeting civilians, as this been their main objective the whole war (since 2014).

When looking at artillery and rocket targets since the 24th of February, we see that 17000 targets been civilian and only 300 has been military targets. The Fascists are hoping that the civilians moral will hit rock bottom long before the Ukrainian forces has managed to liberate south and eastern Ukraine.
The worst casualties Ukraine had was in Mariupol, where an estimation of 20000 to 40000 ethnic Russians were killed in Fascists Russian artillery bombardments, for Kremlin it was more important to occupy the city than “protecting Russian lives”, so targeting civilians was alright. The artillery proved it could pulverize a city and that has been the artillery strategy since early Soviet time.

Berlin 1945 – Mariupol 2022

We can see that Russia still has a good amount of precision weapons, as can see with the assassination of agricultural tycoon Vadaturskyi on the 31st of July, where the only missile in the area was hitting directly his bedroom, killing him and his wife.

The HIMARS rocket system Ukraine is using are affecting the Fascist Russian artillery capabilities, without ammunition they can’t target civilian targets, this has forced the rocket forces to change their terror against interior Ukraine to target Ukrainian towns and cities nearest behind the front lines. The rocket forces has taken steps to protect them self against HIMARS by moving in into nuclear facilities like Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Station, which has become the new HQ for Fascists forces in Russian occupied southern Ukraine. They know they can keep on shooting rockets on the Ukrainians without the Ukrainians targeting them back, this as the Fascists commanders know that Ukrainians don’t one another Chernobyl disaster.

From the data from warn torn Ukraine, we now know that the Fascists Russian troops are as ill equip and educated as the Soviet Red Army, civilian lives don’t matter and causing tremendous losses for your own forces don’t matter as long as you manage to occupy a square feet more land, for this we have the 40000 dead Russian soldiers and 60000 wounded Russian soldiers and the numbers are raising for every day, with the Ukrainian liberation offensive soon starting to roll, we will see Russian losses to mount even higher than early spring.

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