Telia network been attacked by PRC for a couple of years

The blue line is out going traffic and the dark orange is the incoming traffic

For those who has Telia as their ISP, there is a huge problem with incoming traffic, as shown in the screenshot above, while the home network is idle.
Around 1.1MB/s of incoming packages that hasn’t been requested, around 80% of the traffic seems to originate from mainland China, much of port scans and connections tries to typical microsoft windows services.
The bad thing is that Telia do not do anything about it and the default routers they provide are of old type and do not manage this kind of constant traffic that well which causes a slow network for their customers.

If you compare with Bahnhof, one of the best ISP’s, the incoming traffic has been filtered from DDoS like attacks from PRC, which gives you as a customer a lot more responsive network.

If you are in the looks for a new ISP and thinking of Telia, you should maybe pick one of the others.

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