He wasn’t a hero for Democrats, he was pushed by pro-Communists

The stabbing of the police officer was in no way glorified by those who supports a democratic Hong Kong, it’s a tragedy and there is only the HK Police and the pro-Communist establishment to be blamed as they have driven Hong Kong to become a police state where even thoughts of freedom can send you to prison.

As long as the pro-Communists keeps on driving an anti Hong Kong agenda, there is a risk of these kind of tragedies will play out. The harsher the prosecution of free thinkers, the higher the risk are that the people who don’t see any other way out of the imprisonment that Hong Kong has become will become martyrs in the same manner as other murderers like those in Palestrina has become martyrs.

So to all pro-Communists out there, the blood is on your hands, both the stabbers and the Police officers, it’s your decisions that made this to happen and now you are raping the fruit of your labor. Thanks Mam for making this.

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